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Transformational Change for People and the Planet : Evaluating Environment and Development

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-78853-7

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This Open Access book deals with the pressing question of how to achieve transformational change that reconciles development with environmental sustainability. It particularly focuses on the role of evaluation in finding sustainable solutions. Environment and development are closely interlinked, as are human health and ecosystem health. The pandemic that began in 2020 demonstrated in no uncertain terms how destruction of habitats has allowed hitherto unknown pathogens spill over to humans wreaking havoc on people’s lives and livelihoods. We are already seeing the impacts of global climate change in terms of heatwaves, forest fires and increased storms.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Sustainable Development, Environment, Social Sciences, Social Policy, Politics of the Welfare State, Social Work and Community Development, Climate change, Environmental management, Global policy, International organizations, Sustainable development