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Revisiting Migrant Networks : Migrants and their Descendants in Labour Markets

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-94972-3

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This book provides new conceptualisations on the networks of migrants and their descendants in accessing the labour market. Although references to social networks are common in discussions of migration, simplified ideas of co-ethnic networks often obscure the reality, for example confounding ties with co-ethnics and ‘strong ties’. This book addresses key questions about the role of networks in migration contexts, particularly in relation to how migrants and their descendants, access the labour market and develop their employment trajectories over time. Rather than adopting a narrow essentializing ethnic lens, the research presented in this book explores intersectional identities of class, generation and gender.

Subject: History, Migration, Public Policy, Population Economics, Sociology, Role of migrants networks in accessing jobs, Second generation social networks, Second generation access to labor market, Turkish Second generation social ties, Migration and intergenerational social ties, Migration and integration, Migrants and access to the labor market, Social capital reliance, Trajectories of immigrants, Ethnic minorities and access to work, Networks in migration processes, Transnational career moves