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Junge Perspektiven der Türkeiforschung in Deutschland = Young perspectives of Turkey research in Germany

Publication year: 2014

ISBN: 978-3-658-04324-7

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This volume creates an interdisciplinary forum for contemporary Turkey research in Germany. It presents research results from young scientists who are characterized by a fresh view of Turkey, methodological diversity and interdisciplinary approaches. The volume thus contributes to a better understanding of the society, politics, economy, history and culture of the country, which is playing an increasingly important role both regionally and in the European context.

Subject: Humanities, Social Science, Cultural Studies, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Sociological Theory, Integration, Migration, Nachwuchsforschung, Politisches System der Türkei, Türkei, Türkeiforschung, Young Researchers, Political System of Turkey, Turkey, Turkey Research