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Nuel Belnap on Indeterminism and Free Action

Publication year: 2014

ISBN: 978-3-319-01754-9

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This volume seeks to further the use of formal methods in clarifying one of the central problems of philosophy: that of our free human agency and its place in our indeterministic world. It celebrates the important contributions made in this area by Nuel Belnap, American logician and philosopher. Philosophically, indeterminism and free action can seem far apart, but in Belnap’s work, they are intimately linked. This book explores their philosophical interconnectedness through a selection of original research papers that build forth on Belnap’s logical and philosophical work. Some contributions take the form of critical discussions of Belnap's published work, some develop points made in his publications in new directions, and others provide additional insights on the topics of indeterminism and free action.

Subject: Assertion problem, Basic Theory of Possible Ancestry, Branching Time and Ontic Frugality, Future-directed speech acts, Intuitionistic Logic, Stit Frames, Syntax and semantics, Thin Red Line theory, decision theory and deontic logic, Modal realism objection, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Philosophy and Religion, Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Action to free will, Action with non-determinate effect