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A Logical Approach to Philosophy

The papers in this collection are united by an approach to philosophy. They illustrate the manifold contributions that logic ...

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Ancient Philosophy of the Self

This volume explores the various ways in which selfhood was approached and conceptualised in antiquity. They also describe ...

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Apprehension and Argument

This book offers the first synoptic study of how the primary elements in knowledge structures were analysed in antiquity ...

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Approaches to Metaphysics

Today, when systematic philosophy - and reason itself - are challenged both outside of and within philosophy, is it still ...

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Beauty’s Appeal : Measure and Excess

Beauty fulfils human existence. As it registers in our aesthetic experience, beauty enhances nature’s enchantment around ...

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Causation, Coherence and Concepts : A Collection of Essays

the papers cover epistemology, general philosophy of science, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind. The section ...

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Establishing Medical Reality

This volume approaches the philosophy of medicine from the broad naturalist perspective that holds that philosophy must be ...

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Fading Foundations

This book addresses the age-old problem of infinite regresses in epistemology. How can we ever come to know something if ...

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Feminist Reflections on the History of Philosophy

Feminist work in the history of philosophy has come of age as an innovative field in the history of philosophy. This volume ...

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Forming the Mind

The book collects essays from some of the foremost scholars in a relatively new and very promising field of research. It ...

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Freedom and Value : Freedom’s Influence on Welfare and Worldly Value

Freedom of the sort implicated in acting freely or with free will is important to the truth of different sorts of moral judgment, ...

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Hebrew Scholasticism in the Fifteenth Century

This book aims to respond to this need. After a historical introduction, where a "state of the art" about research on the ...

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How Ficta Follow Fiction

This book presents a novel theory of fictional entities which is syncretistic insofar as it integrates the work of previous ...

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Humanizing Modern Medicine : An Introductory Philosophy of Medicine

In this book the author explores the shifting philosophical boundaries of modern medical knowledge and practice occasioned ...

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Immanent Realism

A set of knotty questions are implied in the very title of Brentano's work "Psychology from an empirical standpoint". ...

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Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology on the Perennial Issue of Microcosm and Macrocosm

this volume are reviving the perennial positioning of the human condition in the play of forces within and without the human ...

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Knowledge and Reality

This volume comprises essays presented to Alvin Plantinga on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Plantinga is one of the leading ...

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Lean Brain Management : More Success and Efficiency by Saving Intelligence

Intelligence is wasted on problems that themselves have been caused by an excess of intelligence. Lean Brain Management strives ...

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Leibniz and the Natural World

In the present book, Pauline Phemister argues against traditional Anglo-American interpretations of Leibniz as an idealist ...

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Leibnizs Metaphysics of Time and Space

Leibniz’s metaphysics of space and time stands at the centre of his philosophy and is one of the high-water marks in the ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /37