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Ranunculales Medicinal Plants : Biodiversity, Chemodiversity and Pharmacotherapy ; 1st Edition/ Da-Cheng Hao

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 9780128142325

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Covers this order of flowering plants, detailing the phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, molecular biology, and phylogeny of selected medicinal plants families and genera and their relevance to drug efficacy. The book carries out an exhaustive survey of the literature in order to characterize global trends in the application of flexible technologies. The interrelationship between Chinese species, and between Chinese and non-Chinese species, is inferred through molecular phylogeny and based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequencing. The book discusses the conflict between chemotaxonomy and molecular phylogeny in the context of drug discovery and development. Users will find invaluable and holistic coverage on the study of Ranunculales that will make this the go-to pharmaceutical resource.

Subject: Pharmacology, Medicinal chemistry, Ranunculales, Medicinal plants, Biodiversity, Medicinal Plants, Pharmacophylogeny of medicinal plants, Drug metabolism, Pharmacokinetic diversity of medicinal compounds, Pharmacotherapy