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A Changing World

Written primarily for researchers and advanced students in environmental and social sciences, this latest book in Springer’s ...

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Advances in Integrated Soil Fertility Research in sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Food insecurity is a central concern and a fundamental challenge for human welfare and economic growth in Africa. Low agricultural ...

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African Biodiversity

BIOTA is an interdisciplinary research project focusing on sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity in Africa (http://www.biote-africa.de). ...

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Agricultural Biodiversity and Biotechnology in Economic Development

The topics addressed in this book are of vital importance to the survival of humankind. Agricultural biodiversity, encompassing ...

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Agroforestry in Europe : Current Status and Future Prospects

Brings together some of the most important current research in European agroforestry, and evaluates the current scope and ...

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Algae and Cyanobacteria in Extreme Environments

ALGAE AND CYANOBACTRIA IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS is a unique collection of essays, contributed by leading scientists from around ...

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An Ecological and Societal Approach to Biological Control

Biological control is among the most promising methods for control of pests (including vectors), diseases and weeds. In this ...

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Applied Research in Environmental Economics

Sustainable development, climate policy, and biodiversity conservation are examples of issues on the current political agenda ...

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Aquatic Biodiversity II

The present book comprises a unique collection of primary research papers spanning a wide range of topics in aquatic biodiversity ...

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Arctic Alpine Ecosystems and People in a Changing Environment

This book addresses the significant environmental changes experienced by high latitude and high altitude ecosystems at the ...

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Arthropod Diversity and Conservation

Despite their enormous bulk and complexity of architecture, plants make up only around a quarter of a million of the 8 million ...

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Microbes produce an extraordinary array of defense systems. These include bacteriocins, a class of antimicrobial molecules ...

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Bergeys Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology

Includes introductory chapters on classification of prokaryotes, the concept of bacterial species, numerical and polyphasic ...

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Bergeys Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology

Includes a description of the Alpha-, Beta-, Delta-, and Epsilonproteabacteria (1256 pages, 512 figures, and 371 tables). ...

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Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics : Preserving our evolutionary heritage in an extinction crisis

This book brings an updated state of the art of phylogenetic diversity in conservation biology. Nineteen chapters written ...

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Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe

This book brings together a selection of original studies submitted to Biodiversity and Conservation that address biodiversity ...

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Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts

In the last few decades more and more yeast habitats that were not investigated earlier, spanning cold climates to tropical ...

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Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change

This book identifies and discusses biodiversity’s contribution to physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. ...

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Biodiversity in Enclosed Seas and Artificial Marine Habitats

The main themes of the Symposium were biodiversity in enclosed and semi-enclosed seas and artificial habitats, and the restoration ...

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Biodiversity of Angola

The book identifies Angola as one of the most biologically diverse countries in Africa, but notes that its fauna, flora, ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /171