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Pitch Perfect: Raising Capital for Your Startup / Haje Jan Kamps

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-1-4842-6065-4

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Teaches you how to tell your startup’s story. To raise venture capital, it is absolutely crucial that your foundation is a story that is accessible, compelling, and succinct. Kamps uses his invaluable experiential knowledge to guide you through your presentation, from slide deck specifics to storytelling details to determining a fundamental philosophy for your business. In the process of creating and formulating a pitch deck and the story to go with it, founders often discover deep flaws in their business idea. Perhaps the market is non-existent. It could be that the “problem” isn’t worth solving. Maybe the idea is so simple that it would be too easy to copy. Maybe it’s already been done, or the team simply is not up to the job. Pitch Perfect has all of those bases covered so that you can excel.

Subject: Start-Ups and Venture Capital, Business Strategy, Leadership, Investment Appraisal, Corporate Finance, Corporate Communication, Market Size, Traction, Pitch deck, Entrepreneurship, Startup founders, investors, Venture capital, VC, Investing, Lead list, cold calls, Go-to-market strategy