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Reflections on African Cities in Transition: Selected Continental Experiences

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-46115-7

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Describes African cities in transition, and the economic, socio-political, and environmental challenges resulting from rapid post-colonial urbanization. As the African continent continues to transition from urban configurations inherited from colonial influences and history, it faces issues such as urban slum expansion, increased demands for energy and clean water, lack of adequate public transportation, high levels of inequality among different socio-economic population strata, and inadequate urban governance, planning, and policies. African cities in transition need to reconsider current policies and developmental trajectories to facilitate and sustain economic growth and Africa’s strategic repositioning in the world.

Subject: Economics and Finance, urban politics, urban governance, smart cities local government, Africa, SADC region, SDGs, sustainability, Aerotropolis, Governance models, Leadership, Public Administration, Public Policy, Development Studies, Urban Politics