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Mobilities of the Highly Skilled towards Switzerland

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-21122-6

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This book analyses the strategies of migration intermediaries from the public and private sectors in Switzerland to select, attract, and retain highly skilled migrants who represent value to them. It reveals how state and economic actors define “wanted immigrants” and provide them with privileged access to the Swiss territory and labour market. This book thus shifts the focus from an approach that takes the category of highly skilled migrant for granted to one that regards context as crucial for structuring migrants’ characteristics, trajectories, and experiences. Beyond consideration of professional qualifications, the ways decision-makers perceive candidates and shape their resource environments are crucial for constructing them as skilled or unskilled, wanted or unwanted, welcome or unwelcome.

Subject: Social Sciences, Labor Economics, Migration, French-speaking Leman region, Migration intermediaries, German-speaking northwestern region of Switzerland, Economic Interest, Mobile Workers, Migration and integration, Highly skilled migrants, Swiss territory, Labour labor market