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Chemotherapy and Pharmacology for Leukemia in Pregnancy

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-54058-6

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The book addresses a broad range of subjects, including: pregnancy and its characteristics; staging, pathology, morbidity and what to expect in each type of leukemia; chemotherapy for leukemia in pregnant women with complete trials; dose adjustment of chemotherapy for leukemia in pregnancy based on serum dosages; and pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for this unique group of patients. In turn, subsequent chapters focus on protecting the fetus and neonatal management regarding chemotherapy for leukemia in pregnancy, including the treatment and risks for the fetus (for each type of leukemia), intrathecal therapy and its effects on the fetus; supportive drugs, antibiotics and antifungals for pregnant patients during chemotherapy, including intervention and dose adjustments; palliative care for women with leukemia in pregnancy; breastfeeding during treatment for leukemia; pharmacological aspects of supplements, vitamins and nutrition in pregnancy during leukemia treatment; and more.

Subject: Medicine, Hematology, Pharmacotherapy, Obstetrics, Perinatology, Midwifery, Maternal and Child Health, Leukemia in pregnancy, Chemotherapy in pregnancy, Hematology pharmacy, Hematology pharmacology, Hematological pharmacology, Pharmacology chemotherapy, Pharmacological chemotherapy, Leukemia treatment, Clinical pharmacy