Prof. Dr. Tamer Al Hajeh

Prof. Dr. Tamer Al Hajeh


Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering - Aleppo University, Syria 1982. 

Continued studies in Germany and received a diploma and then a doctorate in civil engineering with the competence of (Reinforced concrete) from the Higher Technical Institute in Leipzig in 1989.

Held several professional administrative positions as follows: Vice dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering - Baath University.

Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering - Baath University.  

President of Homs City Council - Governor of Damascus countryside.  Governor of Aleppo. 

Minister of Local Administration and Environment.

Since 2011, Mr. Tamer has been working at the Arab International Private University, during which he held several scientific management positions: Dean of the Faculty of Architecture.  Vice President for Administrative Affairs and students. Recently, a decision by the Minister of Higher Education.

Mr. Tamer has authored many scientific books in addition to scientific researches published in local and international journals. He has participated in many local, regional and international scientific conferences and seminars.