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Nez, gorge, oreille en médecine traditionelle chinoise

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-2-287-33710-9

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ENT doctor for forty years, acupuncturist for thirty years, Bernard Cygler occupies a privileged position between "West" and "East". Chinese vision provides incomparable help in understanding and attempting to cure ailments that are particularly hopeless in Western medicine such as nasal polyposis, anosmia, and tinnitus. It is valuable in that it offers the possibility of avoiding surgical procedures or allopathic treatments with sometimes unpleasant side effects. This approach aims to treat the patient rather than the symptom, the whole rather than the disease itself. With his medico-surgical experience and his practice of Chinese medicine, the author tried to "marry" the two facets of his exercise while remaining faithful to traditional texts in the spirit of the French Acupuncture Association. , to which it belongs. The humanist approach delivered by the author, combining "tradition and modernity", is characterized by a desire for transmission so that a certain idea of the art of healing may live on for longer. Doctor Bernard Cygler, former intern and former head of clinic-assistant of hospitals, head of hospital ENT department from 1972 to 2003 is a member of the French Acupuncture Association and of the French Acupuncture College. He has written numerous publications in traditional Chinese medicine.

Subject: Medicine, Acupuncture, Anosmie, Anosmia, ORL, Polypose nasale, Nasal polyposis, Acouphènes, Tinnitus