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Sourcing Strategy

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-0-387-25183-7

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Sourcing Strategy is about sourcing as a long term strategic activity. Myopic purchasing management stops short with describing functional procedures and procedural innovations such as online order processing. The goal of this book is not just to document sourcing strategy, but to provide the tools to determine it. Therefore, rather than merely describing common sourcing processes, the book takes a normative approach to sourcing strategy. It argues for a rational, complete and integrated process where managers confront conflicts and dilemmas inherent in sourcing. It supports its recommendations with logical arguments from an interdisciplinary and analytical approach grounded in microeconomics, law and business strategy. Part 1 of the book explains the economic and business principles that underlie sourcing strategies. It derives policies that guide viable strategies to meet sourcing goals. Part 2 applies these to creative designs for standard sourcing scenarios. A user friendly software package is linked to the chapters, with guided exercises as a learning tool.

Subject: Business and Economics, Outsourcing, Business, Innovation, Management, Performance, Strategy