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Cell and Molecular Biology of Plastids

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-3-540-75376-6

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The present book provides a comprehensive overview of our current knowledge on plastid biogenesis, plastid-nuclear communication, the regulation of plastid gene expression at all levels, and also assesses the state of the art in key technologies, such as proteomics and chloroplast transformation. Written by recognized experts in the field, it covers plastid differentiation and division, genome structure and function, plastid inheritance, recombination, DNA replication and repair, transcription, RNA processing and translation as well as crucial posttranslational processes in plastid biogenesis and function, including protein processing, the assembly of multiprotein complexes, protein stability and degradation, protein import and sorting.

Subject: Biomedical and Life Sciences, Biogen, Chloroplast, Chloroplasts, DNA, Expression, Proteomics, biotechnology, gene expression, molecular biology, protein, recombination, regulation, transcription, transgen, translation