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Modeling and Retrieval of Context

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-33588-7

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Computing in context has become a necessity in modern and intelligent IT - plications. With the use of mobile devices and current research on ubiquitous computing, context-awareness has become a major issue. However, context and context-awareness are crucial not only for mobile and ubiquitous computing. They are also vital for spanning various application areas, such as collaborative softwareand Web engineering,personaldigital assistantsand peer-to-peer inf- mation sharing, health care work?ow and patient control, and adaptive games and e-learning solutions. In these areas, context serves as a major source for reasoning, decision making, and adaptation, as it covers not only application knowledge but also environmental knowledge.Likewise, modeling and retrieving context is an important part of modern knowledge management processes.

Subject: Computer Science, Resolution, adaptation, algorithmic learning, artificial intelligence, cognition, cognitive science, context, context extraction, context modeling, contextual information, decision making, formal reasoning, intelligence, knowledge management, semantic web