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Information Security Practice and Experience (vol. # 3903)

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-33058-5

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his volume contains the Research Track proceedings of the Second Information Security Practice and Experience Conference 2006 (ISPEC 2006), which took place in Hangzhou, China, April 11–14, 2006. The inaugural ISPEC 2005 was held exactly one year earlier in Singapore. As applications of information security technologies become pervasive, issues pertaining to their deployment and operations are becoming increasingly imp- tant. ISPEC is an annual conference that brings together researchers and pr- titioners to provide a con?uence of new information security technologies, their applications and their integration with IT systems in various vertical sectors. ISPEC 2006 received 307 submissions.

Subject: Computer Science, AES, Administration, DOM, Information, Monitor, RSA, authentication, cryptanalysis, cryptographic hardware, data security, finite field arithmetic, identity, privacy, security protocol, trust