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Information Assurance

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-84628-489-2

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This updated edition of Information Assurance: Security in the Information Environment was written to help IT managers and assets protection professionals to assure the protection and availability of vital digital information and related information systems assets. This Second Edition of Information Assurance includes major updates, including three new chapters • The Role of Policy in Information Assurance • Incident Management and Response • Security Standards Bridging the gap between information security, information systems security and information warfare, this edition re-examines and explains why organisations need to take information assurance seriously, and discusses the business, legal, and technical knowledge needed to secure these vital government and business assets.

Subject: Computer Science, Bridge, Bridging, Electronic Commerce, IT, Information, computer crime, cryptography, data security, information assurance, information security, information systems, information systems management, information technology, organization, security