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Informatics Education - The Bridge between Using and Understanding Computers

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-48227-7

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Although the school system is subject to specific national regulations, didactical issues warrant discussion on an international level. This applies specifically to informatics didactics. In contrast to most other scientific disciplines, informatics undergoes substantial technical and scientific changes and shifts of paradigms even at the basic level taught in secondary school. Moreover, informatics education is under more stringent observation from parents, potential employers, and policy makers than other disciplines. It is considered to be a modern discipline. Hence, being well-educated in informatics seemingly ensures good job perspectives. Further, policy makers pay attention to informatics education, hoping that a young population well-educated in this modern technology will contribute to the future wealth of the nation.

Subject: Computer Science, Computer, E-Learning, IT training, NOVICE, algorithms, computer literacy, computer science, computer science education, database, informatics curricula, informatics didactics, informatics education, informatics instruction, programming, secondary school onformatics