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Graphics Recognition. TenYears Review and Future Perspectives

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-34712-5

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This book contains refereed and improved papers presented at the 6th IAPR Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC 2005). This year is the tenth anniversary of GREC, Graphics recognition is a particular field in the domain of document analysis, which combines pattern recognition and image processing techniques for the analysis of any kind of graphical information in documents from either paper or electronic formats. In its 10 year history, the graphics recognition community has extended its research topics from the analysis and understanding of graphic documents (including engineering drawings vectorization and recognition), to graphics-based information retrieval and symbol recognition, to new media analysis, and even stepped into research areas of other communities

Subject: Computer Science, Alignment, algorithms, biometric recognition, calculus, cartographic map analysis, character recognition, classification, cognition, content analysis, diagram analysis, document analysis, graphics analysis, graphics recognition, programming, symbol recognition