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Geographic Information Science

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-44528-9

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The GIScience conference series (www. giscience. org) was created as a forum for all researchers who are interested in advancing research in the fundam- tal aspects of geographic information science.The conferences focus on emerging topics and basic research ?ndings across all s- tors of geographic information science. After three highly successful conferences in the United States, this year’s GIScience conference was held in Europe for the ?rst time. The GIScience conferences have been a meeting point for researchers coming from various disciplines, including cognitive science, computer science, engine- ing, geography,information science, mathematics, philosophy, psychology,social science, and statistics. The advancement of geographic information science - quiressuchinterdisciplinarybreadth,andthisisalsowhatmakestheconferences so exciting. In order to account for the di?erent needs of the involved scienti?c disciplines with regard to publishing their research results.

Subject: Computer Science, 3D, Geoinformationssysteme, Open Source, Performance, computational geometry, geographic data, geographic information proceeding, geographic information retrival, geographic information systems, geoinformatics, geosensor networks, geospatial, ontologies, spatial data processing, spatial decision support system