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Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-84628-597-4

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Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming is an innovative shortcut to graphics theory and programming using JOGL, a new vehicle of 3D graphics programming in Java. The book covers all graphics basics and several advanced topics, as well as some basic concepts in Java programming for those who currently are C/C++ programmers. Specifically, it provides all the core aspects of OpenGL programming in Java using JOGL, along with concisely presented computer graphics theories. In addition, it uses a top-down approach to lead the reader into programming and applications up-front. The content about theory provides a high-level understanding of all basic graphics, and of using JOGL instead of implementing a graphics system. Explanations are integrated with the sample programs, which are specifically designed for learning and accompanying this book.

Subject: Computer Science, Computer, Java, Java3D, Modeling, OpenGL, OpenGL Programming, Transformation, Virtual Reality, Visualization, computer graphics, programming