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Engineering Societies in the Agents World VI

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-34452-0

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ESAW 2005 took place at the Pine Bay Hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey at the end of the October 2005. It was organized as a stand-alone event as were ESAW 2004and ESAW 2003.Following the initial ESAW vision,which wasset in 1999, by the members of the working group on “Communication, Coordination and Collaboration” of Agentlink, ESAW 2005 continued to focus on the engineering of complex software systems in terms of multi-agent societies, especially the social and environmental aspects of such societies.

Subject: Computer Science, Simulation, agent communication, agent cooperation, agent coordination, agent negotiation, agent societies, agent-based modeling, computational societies, context sensitive age, logic, logic programming, programming, robot, semantic web, verification