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Computer Vision Systems

Publish Date: 2001

ISBN: 978-3-540-48222-2

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Computer Vision has reached a level of maturity that allows us not only to p- form research on individual methods and system components but also to build fully integrated computer vision systems of signi cant complexity. This opens a number of new problems related to system architecture, methods for system synthesis and veri cation, active vision systems, control of perception and - tion, knowledge and system representation, context modeling, cue integration, etc. By focusing on methods and concepts for the construction of fully integrated vision systems, ICVS aims to bring together researchers interested in computer vision systems. Similar to the previous event in Las Palmas, ICVS 2001 was organized as a single-track workshop consisting of high-quality.

Subject: Computer Science, 3D, Computer Vision, Fusion, Navigation, Performance, Processing, Stereo, Textur, cognition, object recognition, robot