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Conformation-Dependent Design of Sequences in Copolymers I

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-32946-6

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The book include : *Computer-aided conformation-dependent design of copolymer sequences *Folding and Formation of Mesoglobules in Dilute Copolymer Solutions *Water solutions of amphiphilic polymers : nanostructure formation and possibilities for catalysis Temperature Dependence of the Colloidal Stability of neutral amphiphilic polymers in water *Approaches to chemical synthesis of protein like copolymers *Role of physical factors in the process of obtaining copolymers *After-action of the ideas of I.M. Lifshitz in polymer and biopolymer physics

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, Copolymer, Physical Chemistry, Polymers, Theoretical Chemistry, polymer