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Web Archiving

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-46332-0

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The public information available on the Web today is larger than information distributed on any other media. The raw nature of Web content, the unpredictable remote changes that can affect it, the wide variety of formats concerned, and the growth in data-driven websites make the preservation of this material a challenging task, requiring specific monitoring, collecting and preserving strategies, procedures and tools. Julien Masanès, Director of the European Archive, has assembled contributions from computer scientists and librarians that altogether encompass the complete range of tools, tasks and processes needed to successfully preserve the cultural heritage of the Web. His book serves as a standard introduction for everyone involved in keeping alive the immense amount of online information, and it covers issues related to building, using and preserving Web archives both from the computer scientist and librarian viewpoints.

Subject: Computer Science, Access, Archiv, Data Preservation, Digital Repositories, European Archive, Hidden Web, Internet, Internet Archive, OAIS Model, Web, Web Collections, Website, computer, computer science, online