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Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation

Publish Date: 2002

ISBN: 978-3-540-47813-3

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This volume contains the revised version of papers presented at VMCAI 2002,the Third International Workshop on Verification, Model Checking, and AbstractInterpretation, Venice (Italy), January 21-22, 2002.The main goal of the workshop was to give an overview of the main directionsdecisive for the growth and cross-fertilization of major research activities inprogram analysis and verification. The program committee selected 22 papers out of 41 submissions on the basisof at least 3 reviews. The resulting volume offers the reader an interesting perspectiveof the current research trends in the area. In particular, the papers contributeto the following topics: Security and Protocols, Timed Systems and Games,Static Analysis, Optimizations, Types and Verification, and Temporal Logicsand Systems.

Subject: Computer Science, Abstract Interpretation, Concurrent Systems, Correct System Design, Formal Methods, Program Analysis, Program Optimization, Program Semantics, Program Specification, Program Verification, Reactive Systems, Temporal Logics, model checking, optimization, verification