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Traffic and Granular Flow 03

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-28091-0

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These proceedings are the fifth in the series Traffic and Granular Flow, and we hope they will be as useful a reference as their predecessors. Both the realistic modelling of granular media and traffic flow present important challenges at the borderline between physics and engineering, and enormous progress has been made since 1995, when this series started. Still the research on these topics is thriving, so that this book again contains many new results. Some highlights addressed at this conference were the influence of long range electric and magnetic forces and ambient fluids on granular media, new precise traffic measurements, and experiments on the complex decision making of drivers.

Subject: Mathematics and Statistics, Potential, Schrödinger equation, Simulation, automata, drivers' behaviour, granular flow, layers, model, modeling, molecular dynamics simulation, optimization, pedestrian dynamics, phase Transition, stability, traffic flow