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Digital Watermarking (vol. # 3710)

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-32052-4

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We are delighted to welcome the attendees of the Fourth International Wo- shop on Digital Watermarking (IWDW). Watermarking continues to generate strong academic interest. Commercialization of the technology is proceeding at a steadypace. We haveseen watermarkingadoptedfor DVD audio.Fingerpri- ing technology was successfully used to determine the source of pirated video material. Furthermore, a number of companies are using watermarking as an enabling technology for broadcast monitoring services. Watermarking of digital cinema contentis anticipated. Future applications may also come from areas- related to digital rights management. For example, the use of watermarking to enhance legacy broadcast and communication systems is now being considered. IWDW 2005 o?ers an opportunity to re?ect upon the state of the art in digital watermarking as well as discuss directions for future research and applications. This year we accepted 31 papers from 74 submissions. This 42% acceptance rate indicates our commitment to ensuring a very high quality conference.

Subject: Computer Science, 3D, Oracle, Performance, Resolution, Trellis-Code, algorithm, algorithms, copy protection, copyright protection, digital rights management, digital rights protection, digital watermarking, digital watermarking algorithms, fragile watermarkin, security