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Essential NMR

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-27193-2

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ESSENTIAL NMR is a set of lecture notes for scientists and engineers who want to brush up on their knowledge of NMR. This book is also a compendium for graduate and postgraduate students of physics and chemistry as well as for their teachers, covering all fields of NMR, i.e. NMR methodology and hardware, chemical analysis, 2D-spectroscopy, NMR imaging, flow NMR, and quality control NMR. The material, selected and organized for a one-semester course, is presented with pairs of pages addressing particular topics. One page of each pair provides a text containing the key information, the other page shows a color illustration. This is the most comprehensive textbook on NMR to date.

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, NMR, Analytical chemistry, Nuclear magnetic Resonance (NMR), physical chemistry, Spectroscopy, Textbook