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Advanced Encryption Standard - AES

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-31840-8

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This volume comprises the proceedings of the 4th Conference on Advanced En-cryption Standard, ‘AES — State of the Crypto Analysis,’ which was held inBonn, Germany, 2004.The conference followed a series of events organized by the US National In-stitute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in order to hold an internationalcompetition to decide on an algorithm to serve as the Advanced EncryptionStandard (AES). In 1998, at the first AES conference (AES 1), 15 different algo-rithms were presented, discussed, reviewed and verified. After a further conferencedevoted to verification, testing and examination of the candidate algorithms inorder to prove their performance and security, one winning algorithm remained.The encryption scheme Rijndael, designed by the Belgian cryptographers JoanDaemen and Vincent Rijmen, was selected in 2000 to become the successor tothe famous DES (Data Encryption Standard) and it is now the Advanced En-cryption Standard.

Subject: Computer Science, AES, AES Implementations, FPGA, Hardware, advanced encryption standard, algebraic attacks, calculus, cryptanalysis, cryptograhic attacks, data encryption, differential cryptanalysis, encryption schemes, rijndael, side-channel attacks, symmetric cryptology