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Superconductivity in Complex Systems

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-31499-8

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In this volume of the Springer Series “Structure and Bonding” superconductiv-ity in unconventional systems is reviewed with emphasis on cuprate supercon-ductors, however one additional contribution to the superconductivity of alka-li-doped fullerides A3C60has also been included. Even though in this latter com-pound the evidence for phonon mediated pairing is well manifested, the prob-lem to be solved lies in the fact that the Coulomb repulsion is of the same orderof magnitude as the vibronic energy, whereas the A2C60and A4C60 are insula-tors, the A3C60is a superconductor. Treating both energy scales on the samefooting, an interesting interplay between Coulomb and phonon contributionsresults which enables electron (hole) pairing locally "This volume in series is a collection of 11 articles representing a review of theoretical and experimental studies of superconductivity in unconventional and novel superconductors By and large,

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, Superconductor, complex system, complex systems, inorganic chemistry, superconductivity