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Access Control Models and Architectures For IoT and Cyber Physical Systems / Maanak Gupta, Smriti Bhatt, Asma Hassan Alshehri, Ravi Sandhu

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-81089-4

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Presents cybersecurity aspects of ubiquitous and growing IoT and Cyber Physical Systems. It also introduces a range of conceptual, theoretical, and foundational access control solutions. This was developed by the authors to provide an overall broader perspective and grounded approach to solve access control problems in IoT and CPS.

Subject: Mobile and Network Security, Cyber-Physical Systems, Computer Communication Networks, IoT and CPS Architectures, Access Control Models, Role Based Access Control, Attribute Based Access Control, Security Challenges, Formal Security Models, Cloud and Edge Multi-layer Architecture, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Twins, Virtual Objects, Communication Control, Attribute-Based Communication Control,