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Animals and the Shaping of Modern Medicine

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-64337-3

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This book breaks new ground by situating animals and their diseases at the very heart of modern medicine. In demonstrating their historical significance as subjects and shapers of medicine, it offers important insights into past animal lives, and reveals that what we think of as ‘human’ medicine was in fact deeply zoological.Each chapter analyses an important episode in which animals changed and were changed by medicine. Ranging across the animal inhabitants of Britain’s zoos, sick sheep on Scottish farms, unproductive livestock in developing countries, and the tapeworms of California and Beirut, they illuminate the multi-species dimensions of modern medicine and its rich historical connections with biology, zoology, agriculture and veterinary medicine. The modern movement for One Health – whose history is also analyzed – is therefore revealed as just the latest attempt to improve health by working across species and disciplines.

Subject: Open Access, Human health, Medical research, Biomedicine, Animal testing, Drug development, One Health, Public Health, Zoological gardens, Diseased Sheep, Tuberculosis, rickets, inter-war medicine, Calvin W. Schwabe, Echinococcus tapeworm, Healthy Cows, Parasitological Pursuit