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Efficient Management of Wastewater : Its Treatment and Reuse in Water-Scarce Countries

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-3-540-74492-4

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The book highlights non-conventional solutions within the field of wastewater treatment and reuse predominantly for professionals and decision makers. It focuses on technologies like anaerobic and extensive treatment of municipal, domestic wastewater and grey water which are reliable, sustainable, low cost and suitable for rural and sub urban areas. Additionally, particular innovative on site concepts are presented.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment, Natural Wastewater Treatment, Water Reuse, Water Scarce Countries, Water supply, development, water quality and water pollution, water industry and water technology, industrial pollution prevention, Aquatic Pollution, Waste Technology, Industrial Pollution Prevention, Environmental Management, Applied Ecology, Waste Management