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Acoustic Emission Testing : Basics for Research - Applications in Civil Engineering

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-3-540-69972-9

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The book covers all levels from the description of AE basics for AE beginners (level of a student) to sophisticated AE algorithms and applications to real large-scale structures as well as the observation of the cracking process in laboratory specimen to study fracture processes.

Subject: Engineering, Accuracy, Concrete, Defects, Diagnosis, Health Monitoring, Instrument, Limitations, Masonry, Moment Tensor Analysis, Parametric Analysis, Rock, Rock Stability, Sensor, Signal-Based Analysis, Skill, Source Localization, Substructures, Superstructures, quality control, reliability, safety and risk, Engineering, general, Structural Materials, Solid Mechanics, Acoustics, Building Repair and Maintenance