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Analysis of Failure in Fiber Polymer Laminates

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-3-540-75765-8

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This book presents for the first time comprehensively the Theory of Alfred Puck on failure in Fiber Polymer Laminates. After a brief introduction into the failure analysis of laminates and its history, the text focuses first on Puck’s fracture criteria and gives detailed information on their physical background, mathematical derivation and application. Another core part of Puck’s Theory is his concept for Post Failure Analysis. Here, too, the physical background and the analytical procedure are presented. The theoretical chapters are completed by the presentation of the latest developments, namely the consideration of residual stresses and probabilistic effects. The second main part of the book deals with the extensive experimental verification program which has been accomplished since the mid 1990’s. As a result of this work, the Puck Theory can be regarded as better verified than any other theory. All experimental set ups and the major results are presented and explained.

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, composite, design process, fracture, polymer, software, stress