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Cell Technology for Cell Products

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-1-4020-5476-1

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The 19th ESACT meeting was to highlight the novel capabilities of the industry to move the products towards the clinic and was attended by a wide range of workers in the industry and for many it was their first ESACT meeting. The meeting was started with a session on Transcription to Secretion with a notable set of presentations on the emerging issues. The other sessions that followed Therapeutic Cell Engineering, Gene Medicine, Cells to Tissue, Protein products and Process Technology guided the delegates through the advances made for the progression of the biotechnology towards the industrial application of the products from cells. The meeting was supported by some exceptional invited speakers from around the world whose contributions complemented the emerging technologies and the changes being made at the industrial end of the ESACT spectrum.

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, Expression, GENECELL, Microarray, biotechnology, cloning, gene expression, transcription