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Atomistic Approaches in Modern Biology

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-3-540-38085-6

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This volume of Topics in Current Chemistry presents an overview of atomistic theoreticalmethodsapplied tomolecular biologicalsystems. Itthus repesents abottom-upview of chemistryonbiologyfroma theoreticalperspective. The chapters arearrangedsuchthat important issuesareconsidered startingfrom a quantum mechanical perspective and proceeding to a molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics descriptiono fthemotionoftheelementaryparticles involved.which are responsible for the properties and function of biomolecules. Depending on the length and time scales relevant for a given phenomenon to be investigated, tailored theoretical methods are required to account for these. If one is interested in large scale motions of molecules, a molecul- mechnanics-based description willbeappropriate.

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, biological molecules, biology, chemistry, spectroscopy, theoretical chemistry