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Une politique mondiale pour Nourrir le monde

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-2-287-71811-3

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Edgard Pisani, whose work in favor of French and European agriculture as well as of development is known, brought together some twenty experts - agronomists, demographers, senior officials, economists, bankers, politicians, peasants - and he told them asked these questions. They compared their analyzes in seminars, orally and in writing; on the essentials, their visions agree. The conclusion can be drawn by Edgard Pisani: a modern agriculture with an artisanal dimension can ensure the production of foodstuffs necessary for nine billion people, while guaranteeing the economic survival of a large number of farmers in the world.

Subject: Business and Economics, OMC, alimentation, environnement, gouvernance mondiale, prix mondiaux