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Advanced Methods in Material Forming

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-3-540-69845-6

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The book contains the most relevant papers presented in the International Conference on Materials Forming, ESAFORM 2005. The list below presents some of the most successful minisymposia of the conference: - New and advanced numerical strategies in forming process simulation; - Sheet metal forming technologies and modeling; - Anisotropy and formability of materials; - Polymer processing and modeling; - Composite forming technologies and modeling; - Superplastic forming. This volume gathers selected plenary and keynote papers presented in the conference, offering an up-to-date synthesis of the academic and industrial research in the fields of physical and numerical modeling of materials forming processes. The book is useful for the doctoral fellows, scientists and engineers involved in various domains of materials processing technology.

Subject: Engineering, Aluminium, Composite Materials, Polymers, Profil, Sheet metal, Superelastic Formating, coating