Successful Steering Committee Meeting in VGTU for MATRE

Successful Steering Committee Meeting in VGTU for MATRE


A steering committee meeting conducted in Vilnius at VGTU in 22-23.03.2016 to present the results of the implemented work packages, present the partner’s sustainability plans and discuss some managerial issues and any further suggestions and improvements to the outputs and outcomes that will be carried out during the funded period of this TEMPUS project.

The agenda for this meeting was divided into two parts over two days. The first part was dedicated to present the establishment issues of a scientific journal, present the national policy paper of the ninth work package and the partners’ sustainability plans. The second part was more dedicated to management issues and the results of the quality plan.

In the first day, AIU representatives gave a presentation about their implementation and sustainability plans. Finally, a discussion about the project’s managerial issues took place at the second day of this meeting