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Seizures in Critical Care

Epileptic events are now known to occur more frequently in the intensive care unit (ICU) than previously thought, a situation ...

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Sleep and Quality of Life in Clinical Medicine

The first of its kind, Sleep and Quality of Life in Clinical Medicine provides an evidence-based introduction to the interface ...

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Snow Sports Trauma and Safety

This book covers the latest in snow sport epidemiology, snow sport injuries and treatment, and biomechanical/mechanical ...

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Sport and Oral Health : A Concise Guide /

Explores the intricate interrelationship between oral health and sport, with the focus on highly popular team games, endurance ...

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Surgery : Basic Science and Clinical Evidence

The second edition of Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence features fully revised and updated information on the ...

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Surgical Neuroangiography

Part of the "Surgical Neuroangiography" series, this book covers neurovascular diseases in neonates, infants, and children ...

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Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth / Jens O. Andreasen, Frances M. Andreasen, Lars Andersson

Encompasses the full scope of acute dental trauma, including all aspects of interdisciplinary treatment. This new edition ...

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The Basic Principles of External Fixation Using the Ilizarov Device

This text covers both acute traumatic reconstruction with the Ilizarov method as well as orthopaedic reconstruction with ...

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The Bifurcation of the Self

This book uses case history methodology to illustrate the relationship between theory and practice of the study of Dissociation ...

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The Dental Reference Manual : A Daily Guide for Students and Practitioners / Geraldine M. Weinstein, Mitchell T. Zientz

Provides easily retrievable answers to common dental questions Enables the student to learn key particulars and see the big ...

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The Double Dynamic Martin Screw (DMS) : Adjustable Implant System for Proximal and Distal Femur Fractures

The scope and importance of hip fractures is almost incomprehensible. With a world wide incidence of close to 2 million cases ...

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The Frontal Sinus

Addressing disease of the frontal sinus successfully remains, perhaps, one of the most technically challenging issues encountered ...

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The Lacrimal System: Diagnosis, Management & Surgery

Lacrimal surgeries are among the most commonly performed ones in occulopastic surgery. The procedures range from unblocking ...

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The Palgrave Handbook of Positive Education

This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the growing field of positive education, featuring a broad range of theoretical, ...

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The Well-Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty

It is the intention of this book to provide an up-to-date comprehensive assessment of the entire field of cemented THA. Special ...

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Therapeutic Hypothermia

This volume will be of interest to both the researcher interested in therapeutic hypothermia as well as the clinician interested ...

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Tissue Surgery

New surgical images of new surgical approaches are all accompanied with anatomical descriptions. In a novel way, the book ...

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Trauma - An Engineering Analysis

The purpose of this book is to bring together experts from the medical and engineering fields in which trauma acts as a fulcrum ...

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Trauma and Resilience Among Displaced Populations A Sociocultural Exploration

This book provides an enriched understanding of historical, collective, cultural, and identity-related trauma, emphasising ...

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Traumatic Dental Injuries in Children: A Clinical Guide to Management and Prevention

This book is a clinical guide to the prevention and management of traumatic dental injuries, including crown and root fractures ...

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Total Books: 121 - 140 /150