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WTO and World Trade

This book contains 12 articles from internationally renowned experts in the field of world trade. The contributions cover ...

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Welfare Economics and Social Choice Theory, 2nd Edition

Welfare economics, and social choice theory, are disciplines that blend economics, ethics, political science, and mathematics. Topics ...

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When There Was No Money

The largest retail branch bank network is built in one of the most formidable environments in the world. This book takes ...

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Why Managers and Companies Take Risks

The book answers a simple question: when managers and companies face a decision with two outcomes that are safe and risky, ...

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Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies

How Prices Matter rices are ubiquitous, so much so that their importance to the smooth operation of a market economy (even ...

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Wisdom, Knowledge, and Management

Churchman’s Legacy and Related Works, the editors draw contributions from leading systems thinkers inspired by the works ...

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Total Books: 881 - 886 /886