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Catastrophe Modeling

Catastrophe Modeling: A New Approach to Managing Risk is the first book that systematically analyzes how catastrophe models ...

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Cellular Genetic Algorithms

CELLULAR GENETIC ALGORITHMS defines a new class of optimization algorithms based on the concepts of structured populations ...

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Challenges at the Bank for International Settlements

This book reveals, next to monetary policy and financial crisis, less well known topics such as insolvency, collective action ...

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Challenges for Central Banks in an Enlarged EMU

In this book, a set of internationally renowned economists from both sides of the Atlantic analyse the challenges that lie ...

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Change 2.0

"This is a book about change … . It’s a collection of 14 articles including four case studies. … ‘a collection of ...

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Characteristic Based Planning with mySAP SCM™

Characteristics are used in SAP as attributes, e.g. to specify the configuration of products or the properties of batches. ...

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Chinese Railways

Although being huge by any measure, Chinese Railways are a bottleneck for economic growth in China. The state-owned enterprise ...

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Cognitive Economics

As a manifestation of a 'cognitive turn' observable in all social sciences, Cognitive Economics is concerned with the beliefs ...

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Collaborative Research and Development Projects

This book is a manual for all individuals and organisations from academia and industry working together on research and development ...

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Collecting Spatial Data : Optimum Design of Experiments for Random Fields

The book is concerned with the statistical theory for locating spatial sensors. It bridges the gap between spatial statistics ...

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Collective Bargaining and Wage Formation

This volume considers the development of the wage formation and wage bargaining institutions as a response to changes in ...

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Collective Beings

With collective behaviors playing a fundamental role in many scientific and technical disciplines, COLLECTIVE BEINGS focuses ...

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Column Generation

Column Generation is an insightful overview of the state of the art in integer programming column generation and its many ...

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Communities of Practice to Actively Manage Best Practices

Stefano Borzillo examines a large variety of CoPs by means of six success factors and identifies three basic types: innovating ...

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Company Tax Reform in the European Union

This book is important reading for both tax policymakers and business leaders. It breaks the mold of conventional thinking ...

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Competence of Top Management Teams and Success of New Technology-Based Firms

In his book, Jan Brinckmann develops a comprehensive competence concept for new technology-based firms. It is grounded in ...

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Competition Policies in Emerging Economies

Do small developing economies, or SDEs, need a specific competition policy to create competitive markets? Against the backdrop ...

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Competition in Marketing

In her first essay Vera Magin uses primary experimental data to explore the effects of information on marketing decisions, ...

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Competition, Innovation, and Antitrust : A Theory of Market Leaders and Its Policy Implications

Competition, Innovation, and Antitrust develops a theory of market leadership in the presence of endogenous entry of firms ...

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Competitiveness in the Tourism Sector

International tourism is expected to be a major vehicle of economic development in industrializing countries in the 21st ...

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Total Books: 81 - 100 /871