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Cell Stress Proteins

This comprehensive volume, written by experts in the field, provides a current understanding of the molecular properties ...

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Cell Surface Receptors

Cell Surface Receptors: A Short Course on Theory and Methods, 3rd Edition, links theoretical insights into drug-receptor ...

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Cell-Cell Channels

he biological sciences are dominated by the idea that cells are the functionally autonomous, physically separated, discrete ...

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Cellulose: Molecular and Structural Biology

Cellulose: Molecular and Structural Biology is an up-to-date treatise on the most advanced and provocative research into ...

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Molecular chaperones interact with virtually every newly synthesized protein. Their role is not limited to this, as an increasing ...

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Chemical Biology of Neurodegeneration: A Molecular Approach / Pedro Merino

This book focuses on the main actors involved in neurodegenerative disorders at a molecular level, and places special emphasis ...

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Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life

Up to now, we do not have a generally accepted theory about the origin of life and about the process of development of life, ...

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Chemistry and Safety of Acrylamide in Food

Specifically covered are the following aspects: exposure from the environment and the diet; biomarkers of exposure; risk ...

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Chemokine Biology - Basic Research and Clinical Application

The discovery of interleukin-8 close to 20 years ago initiated a new field of research touching on many aspects of immunology ...

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Chemokines and Viral Infection

This edition of Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology examines the role of chemokines and chemokine receptors in ...

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Chromatin Dynamics in Cellular Function

This volume includes timely reviews of several aspects of chromatin biology written by scientists at the forefront of this ...

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Chromatin and Disease

It is more evident now than ever before that dynamic organization of human genome into nucleoprotein structure, chromatin ...

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Co- and Post-Translational Modifications of Therapeutic Antibodies and Proteins / T. Shantha Raju

A Comprehensive Guide to Crucial Attributes of Therapeutic Proteins in Biological Pharmaceuticals With this book, Dr. Raju ...

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This volume of Topics in Current Chemistry is an attempt to update and compile the biochemical, molecular knowledge of the ...

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Complement and Kidney Disease

It is evident that a defective or deregulated complement system results in kidney diseases. An important role of complement ...

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Computer Simulations in Condensed Matter: From Materials to Chemical Biology - Vol. 2

This extensive and comprehensive collection of lectures by world-leading experts in the field introduces and reviews all ...

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Controlled Nanoscale Motion

This volume provides an introduction to the state-of-the-art of controlled nanoscale motion in biological and artificial ...

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Coronavirus Replication and Reverse Genetics

This book contains information on virus genome structure, mechanism of replication and transcription, and the development ...

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Coronaviruses : Methods and Protocols

This volume aims to describe a variety of techniques that reflects the wide range of research currently performed in the ...

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Coronaviruses : Methods and Protocols

Aims to describe a variety of techniques that reflects the wide range of research currently performed in the field of coronavirology, ...

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Total Books: 41 - 60 /257