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Beginning PHP and Oracle

Beginning PHP and Oracle: From Novice to Professional offers comprehensive information on using the PHP scripting language ...

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Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8

Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8 delves into some of the most popular open-source web development technologies, the PostgreSQL ...

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Beginning PL/SQL

Get started with PL/SQL, the built-in language that every Oracle developer and database administrator must know, in Beginning ...

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Beginning Rails : From Novice to Professional

Beginning Rails is the practical starting point for anyone wanting to learn how to build dynamic web applications using the ...

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Beginning SQL Queries : From Novice to Professional

Clare Churcher's Beginning SQL Queries is your guide to mastering the lingua franca of the database industry: the SQL language. ...

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Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express Database Applications with Visual Basic Express and Visual Web Developer Express

SQL Server 2005 Express is the database component of Microsoft's Express Suite of products. It is free of charge, inherits ...

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Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express for Developers

This book is a comprehensive guide that covers installing and configuring SQL Server 2005 Express, creating, backing up, ...

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Beginning SQL Server 2005 for Developers

SQL Server 2005 will increase your programming options, productivity, analysis, and database management. If you have some ...

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Beginning SQL Server 2008 for Developers : From Novice to Professional

SQL Server 2008 is a first–rate database management system. It offers more capability than any previous release of SQL ...

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Beginning VB .NET Databases

Visual Basic .NET is a powerful .NET programming language that is often considered the “workhorse” of programming. Further, ...

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Beginning VB 2005 Databases

Beginning Visual Basic 2005 Databases teaches you everything you need to know about relational databases, SQL, and ADO.NET ...

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Beginning VB 2008 Databases : From Novice to Professional

Beginning VB 2008 Databases teaches you everything you need to know about relational databases, SQL, and ADO.NET 2.0, giving ...

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Beginning Visual Web Developer 2005 Express

The primary goal of this book is to demonstrate Visual Web Developer 2005 Expresss effectiveness when developing applications. ...

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Beginning XML with DOM and Ajax

Don't waste time on 1,000-page tomes full of syntax; this book is all you need to get ahead in XML development. Renowned ...

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Beginning jOOQ : Learn to Write Efficient and Effective Java-Based SQL Database Operations / Tayo Koleoso

Learn to use the jOOQ library to manage SQL database operations in Java and JVM applications. This book walks you through ...

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Beginning xml with C# 2008 : From Novice to Professional

Beginning XML with C# 2008 focuses on XML and how it is used within .NET 3.5. As you'd expect of a modern application framework, ...

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Blog Design Solutions

In this book, a team of renowned web designers take you through the ins and outs of putting together great blogs. They waste ...

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Building a Data Warehouse : With Examples in SQL Server

The book is organized as follows. In the beginning of this book (chapters 1 through 6), you learn how to build a data warehouse, ...

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Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals

In Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals, the first book in a series of three, Jonathan Lewis—one of the foremost authorities ...

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Current Trends in Database Technology - EDBT 2006

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed joint post-proceedings of nine workshops held as part of the 10th International ...

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Total Books: 21 - 40 /131