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Artrite reumatoide e spondiloentesoartriti : Diagnostica per immagini e imaging follow-up = Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spondyloentesoarthritis: Follow-up Imaging and Imaging

Recent technological evolutions in diagnostic imaging have allowed him to grasp the anatomical and functional alterations ...

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Atlas of Pelvic Floor Ultrasound

Atlas of Pelvic Floor Ultrasound provides an introduction to pelvic floor imaging, as well as a resource to be used during ...

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Benign Anorectal Diseases

New three-dimensional endoanal and endorectal ultrasonographic and magnetic resonance imaging techniques have given better ...

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Cardiovascular MRI in Practice : A Teaching File Approach

This text resource outlines the systematic approach to CMR interpretation. The depiction of a "core exam" and the modifications ...

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Chest Sonography

Chest sonography is an established procedure in the stepwise imaging diagnosis of pulmonary and pleural disease. It is the ...

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Classic Papers in Modern Diagnostic Radiology

The subject of diagnostic radiology is now very large and radiology depa- ments are involved in all areas of modern patient ...

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Color Doppler US of the Penis

This book provides a comprehensive reference and practical guide on the application of US to penile diseases and conditions. The ...

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Contrast Media in Ultrasonography

This book provides a comprehensive account of the physical basis and the clinical applications of microbubble-based contrast ...

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Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Clinical Practice

Concomitant with the improvement of contrast agents, different contrast-specific imaging modalities have been developed which, ...

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Deformable Models

Deformable Models: Biomedical and Clinical Applications is the first entry in the two-volume set which provides a wide cross-section ...

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Diseases of the Pancreas : Current Surgical Therapy

"Diseases of the Pancreas" is based on the latest comprehensive data about molecular mechanism of acute pancreatitis, chronic ...

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Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology encompasses the full spectrum of clinical applications of Doppler ultrasound ...

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Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen

Meyers' Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen, extensively revised and updated, is the classic text covering radiology of the ...

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Early Cancer of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Differences in the diagnostic criteria for early cancer of the gastrointestinal tract between Japan and Western countries ...

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Echocardiographic Anatomy in the Fetus

With recent advances in ultrasound systems, storing multiple digital frames and clips with superb image quality has become ...

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Gastrointestinal Tract Sonography in Fetus and in Children

Sonography of the gastrointestinal tract in fetuses, neonates and children entails no known biological risk, permits serial ...

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Handbook of Cardiovascular CT : Essentials for Clinical Practice

Handbook of Cardiovascular CT: Essentials for Clinical Practice has been created as a primer to assist cardiologists, radiologists ...

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High-Resolution Sonography of the Peripheral Nervous System

This second, revised edition reflects these ongoing developments in various ways: many state of the art high-resolution images ...

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Hip Sonography

Sonography of baby hips for the diagnosis of DDH and dysplasia has grown steadily in importance in recent years. A strict ...

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Imaging Atlas of the Pelvic Floor and Anorectal Diseases

The goal of Imaging Atlas of the Pelvic Floor and Anorectal Diseases is to clearly and precisely present indications, techniques, ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /37