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This is the third edition of the translation, by Laurence Garey, of "Vergleichende Lokalisationslehre der Grosshirnrinde" ...

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Foundations of Sport-Related Brain Injuries

A major take-home point from this book should be the assumption that symptom resolution does not necessarily mean injury ...

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Human Haptic Perception : Basics and Applications

Active touch perception – also known as haptic perception – is of primary importance for the planning, direction and ...

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Lectures in Supercomputational Neurosciences : Dynamics in Complex Brain Networks

The present volume is an introduction, largely from the physicists' perspective, to the subject matter with in-depth contributions ...

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Neuroanatomical Tract-Tracing

"The content of the book also serves to emphasize that neuroanatomy is, perhaps more than ever, a thriving and important ...

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Object Recognition, Attention, and Action

This book provides an excellent introduction to the issues that are involved, with chapters that address the ways in which ...

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Plasticity in the Visual System

Plasticity is the basis for learning, memory formation and cognition, and the adaptability it affords is essential for normal ...

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Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience

The book focuses on the possibility of interactions between psychoanalysis and neuroscience - i.e., emotions and the right ...

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Spatial Processing in Navigation, Imagery and Perception

Spatial Processing in Navigation, Imagery and Perception serves as a state-of-the-art platform, on which the very latest ...

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The Coma / Walaa Al-douni ; Kholod Al-kwwfati ; Rawan Al-kharboutli ; Raneem Habeeb

A coma, sometimes also called persistent vegetative state, is a profound or deepstate of unconsciousness. Persistent vegetative ...

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The Emerging Physics of Consciousness

Consciousness remains one of the major unsolved problems in science. How do the feelings and sensations making up conscious ...

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The Human Nervous System

This new 6th edition of The Human Nervous System: Structure and Function incorporates all the latest neuroanatomical discoveries ...

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Total Books: 1 - 12 /12