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3D Recording and Interpretation for Maritime Archaeology

Includes recording and analysis of maritime archaeology through emerging technologies, including both practical and theoretical ...

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Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine

This book treats the development and application of adaptive optics for industry and medicine. The contributions describe ...

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Advanced Experimental Methods For Noise Research in Nanoscale Electronic Devices

A discussion of recently developed experimental methods for noise research in nanoscale electronic devices, conducted by ...

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Advanced Laser Surgery in Dentistry / Georgios E. Romanos

Delivers a state-of-the-art reference for laser technology in the context of a dental practice. The book encompasses oral ...

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Advanced Radiation Sources and Applications

A NATO Advanced Research Workshop on ”Advanced Radiation Sources and Applications” Hosted by the Yerevan Physics Institute, ...

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Advances in Spectroscopy for Lasers and Sensing

This volume presents the Proceedings of the Institute “New Development in Optics and Related Fields,” held in Erice, ...

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Aerosol Optics : Light Absorption and Scattering by Particles in the Atmosphere

is book provides a comprehensive review of available techniques for the remote sensing of aerosols. Although mostly satellite ...

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Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Mosaic

This authoritative reference book assembles the experience of an international faculty of authors, each of whom has performed ...

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Analysis and Control of Ultrafast Photoinduced Reactions

 The present monograph summarizes, in a comprehensive way, several years of joint experimental and theoretical frontier ...

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Applied Charged Particle Optics

Authored by a pioneer of the field, this overview of charged particle optics provides a solid introduction to the field for ...

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Atlas of Confocal Laser Scanning In-vivo Microscopy in Ophthalmology

Confocal microscopy with laser scanning technology yields in-vivo images of ocular and ocular adnexal surfaces that are so ...

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Atlas of fundus autofluorescence imaging

During recent years, FAF (Fundus autofluorescence) imaging has been shown to be useful in various retinal diseases with regard ...

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Atoms, Molecules and Photons

This introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics explains how our present model of atoms and molecules has been developed ...

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More profound understanding of the nature of light and light-matter interactions in biology has enabled many applications ...

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Blast Cleaning Technology

Blast cleaning is one of the most frequently utilised surface treatment-method in modern industry. The book is the first ...

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CCD Image Sensors in Deep-Ultraviolet

As the deep-ultraviolet (DUV) laser technology continues to mature, an increasing number of industrial and manufacturing ...

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Chaotic Dynamics and Transport in Classical and Quantum Systems

This book contains at Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on International Summer School on Chaotic Dynamics ...

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Cloud Optics

Clouds affect the climate of the Earth, and they are an important factor in the weather. Therefore, their radiative properties ...

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Cognitive Supervision for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery

This thesis lays the groundwork for the automatic supervision of the laser incision process, which aims to complement surgeons’ ...

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Coherent Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems

A large number of modern problems in physics, chemistry, and quantum electronics require a consideration of population dynamics ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /182